Build a Powerful Real Estate-Centric Referral Network

Develop a Marketplace Advantage... built on friendship, trust and genuine relationships.


Introducing ROI Expert Advisors

... the leading business referral organization for Real Estate-Centric Professionals

Let’s face it, modern business is a dog eat dog, competitive landscape. Every business person should be looking for a marketplace edge… and now, you have one.

Imagine a group of committed professionals, from thirty different industries, all dedicated to one another to help each other build their businesses.

  • They will help you grow your business, as you help them
  • They will build your network
  • They will become colleagues, partners, and friends as you navigate business together
  • They will celebrate your victories and support you through your struggles

And through it all, they will build your business because they will be your exclusive referral partners.

What is ROI Expert Advisors All About?


Building a referral network beyond any other.

Imagine each and every week having 30+ other professionals out in the marketplace, referring people to your business. How great would that be? I know, FANTASTIC!

That is your marketplace advantage.

In a nutshell, these are your Expert Advisors. Your teammates. In it together for everyone’s success.

And you will not only have access to your advisors locally, you will be supported by a world class leadership team that will help facilitate success in your business in many ways.


Here's Why You Should Join...

Joining ROI Expert Advisors™ Can Help You

Develop a Marketplace Advantage

... built on friendship, trust and genuine relationships

Build a Thriving Business

... through the power of word of mouth networking and referrals that will create hundreds of thousands of dollars in income

Impact Your Personal Life

... by being around like-minded entrepreneurial and business people that value friendships, personal and business growth

Nick DeVito

EXP Realtor, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

In my 1st 12 months with working/leading an ROI group. Our group passed over 300 referrals. We have 17+ business partners. I personally received 17 listing referrals which accounted for 85% of my sales for the 2023 calendar year at a time when inventory is at a 20-year low in real estate. ROI has been the best financial move I have taken my real estate business in the last 20 years.
One Proud ROI GROUP Leader.

Let Us Help You Build Your Powerful Real Estate-Centric Referral Network

... and Develop Your Marketplace Advantage Now

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