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ROI Expert Advisors™ is the leading business referral organization for Real Estate-Centric Professionals.

ROI Expert Advisors™ is a purposeful community of like-minded real estate professionals, firms and organizations working together through multidisciplinary teamwork, to develop an overwhelming marketplace advantage built on friendship, trust and genuine relationships.

ROI Expert Advisors™ is a networking concept that is centered on professionals in the home care/sales/maintenance space. We have taken traditional networking concepts and made them specific to these professionals and your needs for building out a network that will create hundreds of thousands of dollars in income.

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Nick DeVito

EXP Realtor, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

In my first 12 months with working/leading an ROI group. Our group passed over 300 referrals. We have 17+ business partners. I personally received 17 listing referrals which accounted for 85% of my sales for the 2023 calendar year at a time when inventory is at a 20-year low in real estate. ROI has been the best financial move I have taken in my real estate business in the last 20 years. I am a VERY proud ROI GROUP Leader.

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